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Majority of Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana


The tide is turning and the number of Americans who support legalizing marijuana is rapidly on the rise. Thanks to the efforts of groups such as NORML (National Organization for the

President Obama’s Weed Comments Heard Loud And Clear

President Obama’s Weed Comments Heard Loud And Clear Recent comments made by President Obama continue to send shock waves across the nation as state lawmakers grapple with the public’s rapidly

$2.34 Billion in Revenues – Marijuana Business – Legal Cannabis Can Deliver


$2.34 Billion in Revenues - Legal Cannabis Can Deliver If you have spent big bank purchasing your medications in the past then you may want to consider an attempt to recover

So who is still against marijuana legalization?

So who is still against marijuana legalization? tokethesmoke.com

In the late 1930′s marijuana prohibition took the planet by storm and here in 2014 marijuana legalization is sweeping the nation in much the same way. As I sit and

Urging all Arizona Residents to Support Bill HB 2558


Ruben Gallego a state representative from Arizona has introduced the bill HB 2558, which would end the prohibition of marijuana in Arizona. Gallego is a graduate of Harvard University and

The Benefits of HEMP OIL Cures Cancer uses for Skin and Hair


The Benefits of HEMP OIL Cures Cancer uses for Skin and Hair

Hemp oil is not the same thing as hash oil and it is often confused with hempseed oil which is obtained by pressing hemp seeds for extract. Hemp oil has many uses and is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids which help fuel the bodies natural immune response. The human body requires fatty acids but is not able to make them on its own which means that you must get them from external sources. Hemp oil contains a high amount of protein and is completely natural so current evidence suggests that it can be a quality dietary supplement.

Hemp oil will not get you high and according to some researchers you can take advantage of its many benefits. Hemp oil is said to contain both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which makes it a very beneficial health supplement that can aid in improving your cholesterol levels and reduce blood clotting in the arteries. Eating a healthy diet that consists of essential fatty acids will dramatically reduce the risk of cardiovascular and heart disease. As is the case with any supplements you may take, you should consult with your doctor before starting a hemp oil regimen.

Many have claimed that Hemp oil cures cancer but is there any truth to this claim? Yes indeed hemp oil is used in the treatment of some cancers. Hemp oil does contain trace amounts of THC which is the main chemical found in marijuana and the reason that hemp oil is illegal in most states. Hemp oil will effectively reduce the feeling of nausea and has been proven to be effective in reducing the amount of chemotherapy side effects that are suffered by cancer patients.

According to a 2007 study performed at Harvard Medical School, small doses of THC is able to reduce the size of a tumor in the lung by half and prevent the cancer from spreading to other areas of the body. Recent studies by the American Association for Cancer Research have also shown that THC contributed to slowing the growth and development of brain cancer in human biopsies.

“The beauty of this study is that we are showing that a substance of abuse, if used prudently, may offer a new road to therapy against lung cancer,”

said Anju Preet, Ph.D., a researcher in the Division of Experimental Medicine.

You may be surprised to learn that many skin care product contain hemp oil due to its ability to naturally soften the skin and for hair but the skin cannot absorb it naturally. Hemp oil rejuvenates your skin acting as a moisturizing lubricant while you lose dead skin cells. Hemp oil works internally to aid the body with different types of skin conditions, including eczema.

People with arthritis sometimes use hemp oil as an anti inflammatory. Many types of arthritis attack the joints and this can be extremely painful. Swollen and stiff joints symptoms of arthritis that can be reduced with the use of hemp oil.

Orginal 1969 Marijuana Mary Jane Seeds Hippie Dance Concert Poster


Hey this is a pretty cool item for stoners man; check this out. Its an original poster from 1969. That’s the same year I was born man; far out. This would look great in your dispensary, tattoo shop or bar. Your customers should enjoy seeing this on display in your #marijuana business. Put that in your headshop and smoke it. icon wink Orginal 1969 Marijuana Mary Jane Seeds Hippie Dance Concert Poster


Orginal 1969 marijuana Mary Jane Seeds Hippie Dance Concert Poster

 Orginal 1969 Marijuana Mary Jane Seeds Hippie Dance Concert Poster

Premium Marijuana Banking Domain Names


On Friday the Obama administration gave the banking industry the green light to finance and do business with legal marijuana sellers, a move that could further legitimize the burgeoning industry.

For the first time, legal distributors will be able to secure loans and set up checking and savings accounts with major banks that have largely steered clear of those businesses. The decision eliminates a key hurdle facing #marijuana sellers, who can now legally conduct business in 20 states and the District.

Obama administration clears banks to accept funds from legal marijuana dealers


Premium Marijuana Banking Domain Names

 Premium Marijuana Banking Domain Names

“Marijuana Banking” is THE TERM used at the forefront of anything and everything regarding financial institutions and their willingness, nationwide, to bank marijuana for both medical and recreational businesses.In September 2013, Bank of America declared that it will offer “Marijuana Banking” by becoming Washington’s official Cannabis Banker, accommodating new marijuana-related businesses. The first of THOUSANDS of banks, credit unions, savings and loans and other lending institutions which are going to begin banking the BILLIONS of dollars in revenue projected each year from the record profits of newly-legalized cannabis-related commerce.In Nov. 2012, Marijuana.com sold for $4.2 MILLION.

In just a few months, when the DOJ officially allows marijuana banking to begin, the floodgates will open and bankers, creditors and financial institutions from around the world will seek to secure their most valuable asset of “online real estate; the one and only premium cannabis-commerce domain name which says it all: MARIJUANABANKING.com — along with MJBanking, which will be the “landing” domain, for convenience. Additional Premium Cannabis Banking domains Included — MJBanking.com, MJBanker.com. MJBankers.com, CannabisBanking.com, CannabisBanker.com, CannabisBankers.com CannaBanks.com, CannaBankers.com, mmjBanker.com, 420Banks.com, 420Banking.com, 420Banker.com, PotBanks.com, WeedBanker.com, HempBanks.com, HempBanking.com, HempBanker.com. (Reasonable offers considered.)

15 Marijuana Smoking Accessories You Don’t Want To Be Caught Without


15 Marijuana Smoking Accessories You Don’t Want To Be Caught Without

While nearly every item on the list will still get you at least a misdemeanor charge in some states but if your a legal adult and a lucky resident of Colorado or Washington state then you have a legal right to enjoy your high times. These handy little paraphernalia products can be found for sale at many a head shop or purchased online. You may find the need for any or all of these marijuana smoking accessories to fully enjoy your delicious sticky green bud.


  1. flavored papers – my favorite way to smoke marijuana is a rolled joint

  2. blunt wraps – sometimes you need a little more diggity in your dank

  3. zippo lighter – cheap lighters are a buzz kill man

  4. grinder - nothing could be finer than your weed inside my grinder

  5. dug out - old school stoners still use these

  6. one hitter - with the weed they grow nowadays this will come in handy

  7. sneak a toke - not very sneaky when you hear it whistling in the restroom stall next ya

  8. water bong - for those of us who like to spend more money on the pipe than on the weed

  9. stash can - keeps your smoke fresh and no serious stoner keeps their weed in a baggie

  10. stick incense – smells good and keeps the neighbors happy

  11. screens - unless you like to Macgyver aluminum foil then pick up the correct size

  12. roach clips – smoke’m down till they stingers

  13. scales - just keep’n it all on the level

  14. baggies - good for saving seeds, stems and split’n with friends

  15. hemp t-shirt – don’t be a sell out man

Urging all Arizona Residents to Support Bill HB 2558


Ruben Gallego a state representative from Arizona has introduced the bill HB 2558, which would end the prohibition of marijuana in Arizona. Gallego is a graduate of Harvard University and former United States Marine who served in the war in Iraq.

The legislation would allow adults to cultivate and to be in possession of a limited amount of marijuana as well as make cannabis legal for medical use. The bill also seeks to establish a tax and regulate marijuana growing for production and sale.

Gallego is urging all Arizona residents to support bill HB 2558. According to Gallego the states program of marijuana prohibition has been ineffective, inefficient, and problematic as alcohol prohibition. Marijuana possession is a felony in Arizona with laws and penalties allowing for punishment of up to 2 years in prison for pot possession of any amount less than two lbs.

By regulating cannabis use for adults the state can generate much needed revenue for the state budget, replacing the underground market with regulated businesses which will allow law enforcement to focus on serious crime.

Many voters have expressed their support for Gallego’s legislation as countless medical marijuana patients in Arizona are seeking to join a compassion club in order to find a reliable source of medical grade medication for treatment.